Become a Partner

 We protect the native habitat in the Rio Grande Valley by supporting, preserving, promoting, and enhancing the Santa Ana and Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuges. We need your help.

Please partner with us:

  • As an individual, business, or other entity, you can donate money at a range of levels to help us support the missions of our Refuges. You can target your donation to land acquisition for the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR, for projects on the Refuges, for environmental education and public outreach for the Refuges, or for the most pressing Refuge need as identified by FWC. If you permit, we will publish your name in our quarterly newsletter.
  • If you represent an organization, your donation reflects the environmental consciousness and public stewardship of your organization, and your support is a critical component of the health of our Refuges. You can underwrite our events or projects with money or in-kind services. We acknowledge your gift as a Sponsor on our Partners web page.

Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas) on blooming black brush, March, south Texas