Lower Rio Grande Valley Learning Landscapes


The Refuge Complex’s LRGV Learning Landscapes program brings together 5 school districts to help them obtain National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat certification, creating native-habitat outdoor learning classrooms with butterfly gardens and walking trails on elementary school campuses throughout the valley:




  • LRGV Learning Landscapes helps the school districts expose students and teachers to native habitat through the creation of schoolyard habitats.  By involving students in planting native plants into their landscapes, students observe the interactions of habitat and wildlife on their campuses on a daily basis and promote an appreciation of nature.
  • The program provides curricula that highlights local flora and fauna as a way to increase the knowledge about native habitat and wildlife and learn to respect the habitat.
  • The program provides training workshops for teachers, grounds crews, and project administrators to overcome existing barriers. Training ensures the sustainability of the project within the district..
  • The program demonstrates the investment benefits of planting native trees and how they appreciate in financial value as they mature.
  • The program encourage the participation of all school districts in the LRGV.

Marine Academy, Harlingen, at Rio Reforestation

The Learning Landscapes program has been recognized by Texan by Nature and its founder, former first lady Laura Bush.  The Friends of the Wildlife Corridor is a partner in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Learning Landscapes Collaborative.